Liptak Hardwood Floor Drying & Cabinet Drying

If your hardwood floor is exposed to water, it needs to be dried and treated immediately before damage and mold can occur.  If the floor is not treated quickly, damage can also occur in the subflooring, causing major problems to your home.  Liptak Restoration is Western Massachusetts trusted leader in hardwood floor and cabinet drying.  Fast and friendly technicians work with courtesy and respect for you, 24/7.  Call us, we can have a team to treat your hardwood floor and cabinets before problems any occur.

Is there Mold under your Hardwood Floor?

After water damage or a flood, the space beneath your hardwood floors and cabinets can trap moisture, causing serious mold issues.  This can make you and your family sick.  We have the right training and the right tools to identify and remediate mold under your hardwood floors and cabinets.  Using the latest tools and technology, we can get you the information and piece of mind you can expect from an industry leader in Mold Remediation.

Cabinet Drying Service

Hardwood Drying Service